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The deadline for submission of the full text is July 15, 2024. Prior to this, the conference will still accept abstract submissions (only for presentations). The main language for meeting communication is English. Enterprises can submit their articles in Chinese when attending the conference. Please write the abstract and full text according to the requirements of the official website template and select the corresponding topic for submission.

As an emerging technology, supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle requires collaborative efforts from both research and industrial development. Such efforts include breakthroughs in fundamental principles, new concepts, key equipment and demonstrations, through pioneering trials and applications of advanced supercritical carbon dioxide cycle technology. The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with North China Electric Power University and Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute, will host the 2024 International Conference on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle and Comprehensive Energy Systems (ICSPC2024) in the city of Shanghai in September 20-24, 2024.

 ICSPC2024, as the fifth in the series (2018 Beijing, 2019 Xi’an, 2022 Xi’an, 2023 Beijing, 2024 Shanghai), covers topics ranging from fundamental supercritical thermophysical properties, thermodynamics, heat transfer, turbomachinery, key components R&D and system integration and operations. The ICSPC2024 welcomes worldwide scientists, engineers, and students engaged in the R&D of supercritical carbon dioxide systems. At the same time, the state key scientific facility ‘High-Efficiency and Low-carbon Gas Turbine - 3MW carbon dioxide power system’, constructed by the conference organizer (IET-CAS), will be in operation in Shanghai, and serve as one key platform for this conference. Sincerely we hope you can enjoy the conference events and have fruitful exchange and cooperation outcomes in various aspects during and after the conference.

ICSPC2024 covers topics ranging from fundamental supercritical thermophysical properties, thermodynamics, heat transfer, turbomachinery, key components R&D and system integration, control optimization, etc.

This conference will provide a platform for scientists, engineers, and students from around the world engaged in the research and development of basic and related equipment and systems for supercritical carbon dioxide cycles, to share new theories, methods, and technologies. The goal of the conference is to promote the exchange and cooperation in basic research, engineering technology, and demonstration applications in this field.

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